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Traditionally used to improve appetite and or general health

Himalaya Biopure is traditionally used as a hepatoprotective formulation that helps to promote hepatic parenchymal regeneration, protect the liver from hepatotoxic medicines, prevent harmful effects of alcohol, and facilitate clinical recovery.

Chicorium intybus, Achilllea millefolium, Terminalia chebula, Raphenous sativus

- Vegetarian: Yes
- Pregnant: Not recommended for pregnant mother
- Best Combine With: NA
- Special Instruction/Precautions: NA

Directions for Use:

2 tablets twice daily before meals; For maintenance: 1 tablet twice daily before meals


For liver protection (Liver Tonic)

Key Ingredients

Chicorium intybus

Achilllea millefolium

Terminalia chebula

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