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Traditionally used to improve appetite, promote weight gain, and healthy growth

Himalaya Bonnisan relieves smooth muscle spasms associated with colic, protects the GI mucosa, expels gas from the GI tract and combats acute and chronic infections.

Anethum graveolens, Elettaria cardamomum, Piper longum

- Vegetarian: Yes
- Pregnant: NA
- Best Combine With: NA
- Special Instruction/Precautions: NA

Directions for Use:

- Infant (Up to 1 month): Half teaspoons three times daily
- Children (1 month to 6 months): 1 teaspoons three times daily
- Children (6 months to 3 years): 2 teaspoons three times daily


The complete digestive tonic for infants and children

Key Ingredients

Anethum graveolens

Elettaria cardamomum

Piper longum

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