Clear Complexion Brightening Day Cream

Clear Complexion Brightening Day Cream

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Himalaya Clear Complexion Brightening Day Cream gives a radiant complexion and brighter skin tone.

Our day cream is light and non-greasy, enriched with unique herbal extracts and CINNABLOC to provide three benefits: It hydrates skin, brightens skin tone and clarifies the complexion. The breakthrough herbal sunscreen CINNABLOC provides UV protection and prevents skin darkening.

Licorice, White Dammer

- Suitable for all skin types

Directions for Use:

Apply Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream gently to the face and neck twice daily after cleansing. For best results, use the cream regularly.


- Brightens
- Hydrates
- Clarifies

Key Ingredients


Licorice is known to help brighten the skin and fade dark spots and blemishes to give your skin a brighter complexion by inhibiting melanin synthesis.

White Dammer

White Dammer is a rich source of flavonoids and phenols that have powerful antioxidant effects. It helps reduce light pigmentation and spots, resulting in an even skin tone.

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