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Fatigue Wellness

Fatigue Wellness

    Traditionally used to relief fatigue
    Beneficial in stress-related disorders such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and premature aging
    Excellent anti-stress and adaptogenic herbs that leads to better physical fitness and helps cope with life's daily stress

    • Key Ingredients
    • Benefits
    • Directions for Use
    • Good To Know
    Key Ingredients

    Each capsule contains 250mg extracts of Whitania somnifera (root)


    Calms nerves, revives mind and body. Counteracts anxiety and stress
    Increases physiological endurance and protects against effects of stress
    As a health supplement during convalescence

    Directions for Use

    1 to 2 capsules, twice daily after meal. Please consume 3 to 4 hours before bedtime

    Good To Know

    Vegetarian: Yes
    Pregnant: NA
    Best Combine With: HIMALAYA Women's Wellness (For breastfeeding relaxation)
    Special Instruction/Precautions: NA

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