LIV.52 GNX Tabs 60's
LIV.52 GNX Tabs 60's
LIV.52 GNX Tabs 60's

LIV.52 GNX Tabs 60's

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Clinically proven to limit liver damage, support optimal liver function and normalize liver enzyme levels.

Eclipta alba, Coleus aromaticus, Phyllanthus maderaspatensis

- No wheat, Soy, Corn or Dairy
- No ingredient of animal origin
- Gluten free
- Vegan friendly
- GMO free
- Complies with GMP

Directions for Use:

1 capsule twice daily after food


How it can help you?
- Helps Liver performance
- Prevents liver from toxin build up
- Prevents accumulation of fat
- Tonic for the liver
- Maintain healthy levels of liver enzymes to improves the functional efficiency of the liver
- Detox support

Who can use this product?
- People with poor liver function
- Can be used for Liver Detoxification

Key Ingredients

Eclipta alba

Is a potent hepatoprotective that improves the efficiency of Liver and protect against Liver damage.

Coleus aromaticus

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which can be seen by its free radical scavenging property.

Phyllanthus maderaspatensis

Widely used treating liver disorders with its hepatoprotective activity and antioxidant nature.

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