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Women’s Wellness

Women’s Wellness

    Traditionally used to support women's health, regulate menstruation, and women after childbirth

    Supports lactation by regulating the hormonal secretion and improve post partum health

    • Key Ingredients
    • Benefits
    • Directions for Use
    • Good To Know
    Key Ingredients

    Asparagus racemosus root


    Promotes well being by improving lactation, women's reproductive organs, and postpartum tonic
    Alleviates symptoms of menopause
    Rich source of phytoestrogens
    Increases the feelings of spiritual love and life force

    Directions for Use

    1 to 2 capsules, twice daily after meal

    Good To Know

    Vegetarian: Yes
    Pregnant: Not recommended for pregnant mother
    Best Combine With: HIMALAYA Kapikachhu (For fertility) and HIMALAYA Fatigue Wellness (for relaxation)
    Special Instruction/Precautions: Contraindicated for women's with cyst, fibroid or cancer

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